About Us

Planning a party is stressful, but imagine if it was as easy as, say, opening a box? And what if that box contained everything you need to make your celebration go smoothly. Well, say goodbye to stress – because party planning is a doddle with a Foxes Party Box.

Box Clever

We’re Laura and Jack Fox, a brother and sister partnership dedicated to making party planning easy, because when we say you can have a party in a box – we mean it. With many ready-made themes to choose from, you can order your perfect party without dashing up and down the high street looking for everything you need. Or if you fancy throwing a truly unique celebration, there’s also the option of creating a bespoke box, tailored exclusively to your party needs.

Celebrate with Us

With new themes being launched and added to our store regularly we’re confident we have something for everyone. However, if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, send us an email or give us a call.


• Listen to what would make your ideal party box
• Contact our suppliers, and
• Order everything you need

And if we can’t get everything, we’ll discuss ideas with you to create a box that’ll suit your theme to a tee. Oh, and the best bit?
We’ll deliver it directly to your door.

So, why not get your party started today. Just fill in the form below and come celebrate with us!